Misconceptions about Losing Weight on the Keto Diet

This industry that teaches us to lose weight is full of incorrect information where opinions are passed on as facts. You can understand why there are so people that are confused and running around in circles not understand what it is they need to do to lose weight.
In the past few years the ketogenic diet has increased in popularity as the case studies of successful weight loss have been on the rise the past few years, however like any other diet, there is the bad side and good side.
We are going to cover common misconceptions that people overlook when trying to shed fat while on the ketogenic diet.

  1. Itís the easiest dietÖ
    That is what you think but that is not case. The term easy can be looked at differently by each person. If you compare different diets like the keto diet and paleo diet, you may think that the keto diet is a lot easier to maintain since paleo is quite a strict diet.
    What you need to understand thou, is with the ketogenic diet, you do need to time to become keto-adapted. The majority of the population is addicted to glucose and carbohydrates so switch to a 80% calories worth of fat diet can be quite challenging.
  2. Youíll see extremely fast results.
    It doesnít matter what diet you are on, if you follow it correctly, you will see results but you must understand that the time in which you lose weight will vary from person to person. If you follow the guidelines of the ketogenic diet and remain true to yourself you will see results.
    You need to take into account that fat loss doesnít happen overnight as it is very slow process. The first week you will lose quite a lot of weight due to your body dumping water but whatever you do, donít set a ridiculos goal of losing 20 pounds in a week.
    Patience can vary from person to person, you may have a high tolerance level but your fried may not. Some people want results now, some are patience and see results. Within a reasonable time you can see results with the ketogenic agent.
    If you are expecting to see bulging muscles and a six pack within two weeks, you need to think again. To see concrete VISIBLE results, you will need to give yourself at two months.
  3. Is the keto diet dangerous
    If you follow the diet correctly, there wonít be any danger to you as sticking to it has proved to be quite healthy. You blood sugar levels will return to normal, your levels of bad cholesterol will decrease, your heart will become healthier and the risk of cancer is lowered.
    One thing to learn is to know the difference between good cholesterol and bad cholesterol. You can good cholesterol in products such as coconut oil, salmon and avocados. Bad fats can be found in products such as hydrogenated canola oil as this increases the aging process.
    You need to really learn which foods are safe to eat and which are not. Bad cholesterol will cling to the arteries whilst good cholesterol does not. Foods that have omega-3 acids are good for you as opposed to omega-6 foods. Eat salmon and maceral and you will be fine.
  4. Ketoacidosis occurs in everyone
    Ketoacidosis occurs when you have a high amount of ketones and your bloodstream becomes acidic. It does worry people quite a lot but even thou it is rate, it tends to be an issue with people suffering with type 1diabetyes which is pathological and not the nutritional ketoacidosis.
    If you want practice caution, you buy keto strips from your local chemist or even amazon. You can measure your ketones each day and if they are high, you can make quick changes to your diet to return things to normality. Donít stress, it is all part of the process.
    These are the some of the misconceptions people have about the keto diet but remember that the keto diet is highly effective and safe. It has a range of benefits if you follow it correctly. Donít wait another second, get started and see yourself dropping a waist size.