Why is The Keto Diet Effective for Weight Loss

Here is a quick analysis of most people who are on a keto diet, they will begin and end it with no results or simply give up completely.The whole New Year resolutions and busy gyms in January prove this to be the case but come March, that is the wind in the air and the […]

Understanding Ketogenic Diet Science

If your is to lose a little weight or a lot of weight, while still having muscle at the end of it all, it is imperative to follow a diet that is able to deliver both. the ketogenic diet.There are hundreds of diets out there that people swear by, but why should you follow the […]

Pros and Cons of the Keto Diet

The ketogenic diet is quite popular and over the years has seen an increasing amount of case studies. It was at one point only used to treat diabetes but over the years, it has become mainstream and the go-to diet for rapid weight loss and other related health benefits.Like everything, there are pros and cons […]

Misconceptions about Losing Weight on the Keto Diet

This industry that teaches us to lose weight is full of incorrect information where opinions are passed on as facts. You can understand why there are so people that are confused and running around in circles not understand what it is they need to do to lose weight.In the past few years the ketogenic diet […]

Four Misconceptions about the Keto Diet

The past ten years has seen people ditching the traditional high protein, low fat diet such as the Atkins diet. People have rather gone for the better options which we know today as the ketogenic diet.The keto diet is high in good fats, low in protein and carbs which helps with losing fat as well […]

Four Keto Diet Tips for Beginners

If you need a diet that has been battled to tested to help you lose weight, become shredded, you need to consider the ketogenic diet as an option. This hugely effective diet has proven itself time and time again due to great fat loss, assistance with muscle growth and retention as well athletic performance.There are […]