Why magician Penn Jillette fasts 23 hours a day to maintain his 100-pound weight loss

My first tip is that this: “When you take well being recommendation from a Las Vegas magician, you might be an fool.” That stated, my recommendation is … make it onerous. Straightforward is your enemy. Don’t imagine these articles that say, “Simply lower your parts down by 20%,” “Skip dessert” or “Reduce out sodas.” Yeah, that appears logical. But it surely doesn’t work for me — I wish to lose a pound a day. I wish to see the size go like this [points straight down]. So I went for a radical change in food plan — whole-food plant-based, hardcore vegan, greens, no processed meals, no sugar. And I restricted my consuming to simply an hour a day, so I’m at all times fasting 23 hours.

The Red Tea Detox

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