What will be big in 2019? NutraIngredients predicts top industry drivers

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With the joyful season upon us, lots of within the market are securely concentrated on future difficulties and chances– and in specific what the next 12 months for the dietary supplements, practical foods, and health area.

Here’s a couple of concepts that our group of editor’s think could be huge in 2019 …

fibre sources

The year for fiber?

With commonly publicised and growing customer interest in gut health and the microbiome, there is capacity for appeal of fiber to rise next year– together with probiotics and prebiotics.

It appears that almost every customer has some sort of problem about gut health, whether it be as easy as bloating or as extreme as IBS, and individuals are self-educating regarding the very best diet plan options to manage these signs.

There’s been a wealth of brand-new research study revealing the health advantages connected with high fiber diet plans, from weight management, gut health and even psychological health— all of which are of strong interest to customers.

Innova Market Insights just recently exposed that 33% of UK customers have actually increased their fiber intake, with the bulk doing so since they wish to enhance their gastrointestinal health. As such, the marketplace research study company reported a 55% boost in fiber being contributed to sport nutrition items in the last 5 years.

Producers are well-aware of this pattern.

Dr Ieva Laurie, concept researcher EMEA at Tate & & Lyle, just recently informed NutraIngredients that ‘the future for fiber is intense’ thanks to the broadening science behind fiber and its impact on the microbiome, and brand-new ‘amazing advantages’ such as bone health, possible advantages associated with resistance, and even a possible connection in between gut health and the brain.

A number of brand-new food and beverage start-ups are currently taking advantage of the pattern for increasing fiber consumption. Polish business owner Robert Sak has actually developed the brand name called ‘The Heart of Nature’ with a variety of Pure Grain Bread, while Swedish start-up Carbiotix states its concentrate on customised feedback and dosing at a competitive rate point will assist customers to fill the ‘fiber space’ in a significant and simple method Early indicators have actually benefited Carbiotix, at first spun-out from the department of biotechnology at Lund University, the company stated aggregated arise from the very first 6 months of its customised prebiotic membership service reveal it attained practically 100% efficiency in enhancing gut health

i-Nutrition: This time it’s individual

The increase of innovation and development in nutrition is set to continue unabated, with a focus on information to customize the items to private choices and reactions to specific active ingredients.


With innovation such as FitBit, Apple Watch, and Samsung Galaxy Equipment to notify customers on sleep quality, actions taken, calories burned, conscious minutes, and heart rate business are slowly incorporating nutrition to innovation.

While mainstream adoption might take a while, the classification is currently has early successes and disruptors producing a substantial buzz– not to discuss a huge focus for research study and advancement.

With a substantial variety of start-ups, tech incubators and financial investment activity from significant market gamers, the customised nutrition sector is prime to blow up in the next couple of years.

BASF just recently exposed information of PeptAIde, its bioactive active ingredient found and provided through expert system (AI). The active ingredient is the conclusion of a collaboration in between BASF and Nuritas formed back in January 2017, and mean the depth of effect AI innovation might have on the sports nutrition market.

Combined with the abilities of artificial intelligence, these developments point towards a more data-driven technique in order to speed up item advancement cycles.


On the other hand, huge companies such as Nestle Health and Genesis Health care Innovation are utilizing social networks to offer targeted DNA screening services to develop a custom-tailored everyday drink supplement pack. The program is stated to cost around EUR528($600) each year for specifically developed supplements, shakes and other items such as vitamin-fortified treats.

On the other hand, business like DSM-backed Mixfit have actually been making waves with their ingenious techniques to the customised nutrition market.

Nevertheless, development is not one-directional. Customers are taking control of their diet plan and health with the arrival of wearable innovation that is driving interest in health and nutrition as ‘way of life’ conditions take their toll.

Microbiome 2.0

As if the adaptability of probiotics wasn’t excellent enough, 2019 is set to release a variety of performance as research study continues to expose much deeper insights into the power of the gut microbiome on health– with prebiotics, postbiotics, microbiome treatments and next-gen probiotics set to sizzle.

In specific postbiotics– the metabolites and/or cell-wall elements launched by probiotics– have actually been promoted to play a more active, updated function, possibly going beyond probiotics as a method to improve practical food.


Scientist believe these elements impact a broader variety of physiological procedures, establishing a beginning point for possible relocations into the industrial neutraceutical sector.

One business operating in this area currently is German pharma business Laves-Arzneimittel, which produces Colibiogen, a protein-free filtrate made from cultures of Escherichia coli(pressure Laves 1931) which contains amino acids, peptides, polysaccharides and fats.

The item has actually been revealed to be reliable in hindering delicate Salmonella isolates and to lower skin sores in clients with polymorphous light eruptions.

It is clear that the red-hot interest and apparently limitless chances of the microbiome has actually generated extreme focus from scientists, financiers, and business operating in both the nutraceuitcal and pharmaceutical area.

As start-ups and international health care business alike, want to construct ingenious pipelines based upon microbiome science there are substantial chances to for those establishing scientific options to target disease through the microbiome– driving a quick shift towards microbiome rehabs.

vegan meat free from vegetables iStock NataliaBulatova

Plant-based nutrition: Vegan development

Consuming more plant foods like fruits, veggies, entire grains, vegetables, and nuts have actually long been the hardest part of dietary suggestions for a number of us to follow. The existence of this pattern on the list represents that food innovation developments have actually discovered methods to assist plants make it into our diet plan in delicious, practical methods. Products with plant protein and vegetable-based pasta are simply a number of examples of this pattern’s power for stealth health.

So called ‘alternative proteins’ have actually long been ‘on pattern’– however we believe 2019 might be the year where we see real extensive development and brand-new offerings to fulfill the growing variety of vegetarian and vegan customers in the market.

The variety of customers thinking about a vegan way of life has actually increased greatly over the last few years. While dining establishments and cafés are beginning to take advantage of this chance, the healthy food and nutrition market appear numerous actions off the rate.

However with significant business presenting vegan friendly active ingredient lines, and health merchants like Holland & & Barrett reputedly aiming to open brand-new ‘vegan just’ shop formats, there is lots of scope for more item advancement and development in the area.

Keto benefit

The ketogenic diet plan is a rigorous program of low-carb, high-fat foods that requires the body into a state of ketosis– when you burn fat, rather of carbs, for energy.

With the aid of social networks and word of mouth, the variety of individuals following a ketogenic diet plan and searching for keto-friendly items have actually skyrocketed this year.

Google patterns reveal that look for the term ‘keto’ have actually surged in the last 12 months, while look for other diet plans that formerly surged market NPD, like paleo, have not.

There are currently a variety of start-ups and disruptors running in the area, (consisting of just recently covered Perfect Keto, The Excellent Fat Co, Nui Cookies and Phytochem’s encapsulated MCT powder) nevertheless the marketplace has actually stayed relatively specific niche till just recently. However, offered its increasing cult status, and the growing variety of ingenious business taking advantage of the pattern, 2019 might be the year that keto securely strikes the mainstream.


With broader adoption of the diet plan we will certainly see more rack area committed to keto nutrition– as significant makers want to offer brand-new items that fulfill growing need.

Supplements still comprise most of keto item launches, with US-based seller The Vitamin Shoppe highlighting the pattern by producing a shop-within-a-shop in all its places across the country called Keto HQ, a devoted area for keto items.

Nevertheless, one location that will make certain to offer ripe premises for development is the need for snacking and benefit– as innovators want to provide delicious, on the go foods and beverages to the keto customer.

Making sports nutrition interest senior customers

The over-60 s market is growing and, so too, are chances to market supplements and sports nutrition items to this audience.

ageing age senior health muscle strength protein iStock.com triocean

By 2020, a quarter of Europeans will be over 60, according to the European Commission. And individuals turning into their senior years are more digitally smart than ever, and checking out online about the very best methods to remain healthy and fit.

No doubt this audience is going to wish to fend off the impacts of sarcopenia and, as such, retired health scientist Dr Max Gowland has actually developed the brand name Prime Fifty, which offers supplements and protein shakes targeting the over-50’s market.

This is most likely to be simply among a barrage of items focused on senior buyers. Active ingredients provider Carbery just recently informed NutraIngredients that sports nutrition brand names need to begin checking out what flavours are most likely to interest this market.

Sarah O’Neill, Carbery’s marketing supervisor, stated: ” As the brand-new generation of older buyers are more familiar with their health it is essential to have flavours that interest the older generation.

” Classic flavours are most likely to be popular however precisely what those are will alter by nation – things such as biscuits and classic desserts are most likely to be popular.”

What’s more, numerous exhibitors at the Health Ingredients reveal at Frankfurt were determined that healthy aging active ingredients are going to be necessary in coming years This viewpoint is highly backed by Leatherhead Food Research study which reveals that interest and activity in anti-ageing food and beverage is increasing

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