Watch Vanessa Hudgens Try 5 Keto Snacks

Let’s simply beginning this by stating Vanessa Hudgens is not on the keto diet plan (you understand, like every other celebrity out there is … or was).

The high-fat, low-carb diet plan isn’t precisely the most convenient of consuming strategies, after all. You have actually got to stay with less than 50 grams of carbohydrates a day on the diet plan– which suggests no bread or pasta (however you can have cheese).

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Still, since the diet plan is very- popular, keto foods are turning up all over the location– particularly on-the-go keto treats (you understand, so you do not need to bring around a stick of butter as a midday nosh).

That’s why Women’s Health asked Vanessa, who’s got 3 various films coming out over the next 3 months, to attempt a few of the most popular keto treats out there (she does usually attempt to treat on low-carb and low-sugar foods, after all).

Once again, the keto diet plan isn’t always for everybody, however Vanessa attempted all 5 treats (7, if you count all 3 tastes of DANG Bars). She wasn’t truly feeling any of the keto bars, tbh, however was happily amazed by a couple of alternatives that type of weirded her out initially (like the treat that made it appearance like she had “poop in her mouth”)– cringe

Her 2 favorites: Sriracha Moon Cheese and Trader Joe’s Roasted Seaweed Treat. “They’re cheese balls … however they’re sriracha” she stated, impressed by the after-burn they left in her throat (like all great sriracha items leave).

In General, Vanessa was a damn champ to attempt all those keto treats– although she believed the majority of the keto protein bar alternatives were …” milky.” To each her own!

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