Type 2 diabetes: Can the blood sugar condition be reversed? A doctor’s tips

Diabetes is a situation by which the extent of sugar in an individual’s blood is simply too excessive. In kind 2 diabetes, this occurs as a result of an individual’s physique doesn’t produce sufficient insulin, or the insulin produced is rejected by the physique’s cells. Sort 2 diabetes is the commonest kind of diabetes. It’s totally different to kind 1 diabetes, by which an individual’s physique can’t produce insulin in any respect. Insulin is a chemical produced by the pancreas which controls the extent of sugar within the blood and transfers it to the cells to be became vitality.

If insulin is unable to do that, an excessive amount of sugar will stay within the blood which might result in issues with the center, nerves, kidneys, eyes and toes.

Diabetes has no particular treatment however is handled with treatment to maintain the situation beneath management.

Nevertheless, there have been some claims kind 2 diabetes could be reversed. So is that this true?

In keeping with Dr Zenon Andreou, GP at European on-line physician Zava, it’s doable for kind 2 diabetes to enter remission for some individuals, by weight reduction and wholesome way of life decisions.

The physician notes, nonetheless, that there’s at the moment no long-term proof to show it is a everlasting treatment.

Sort 2 diabetes is linked to weight, in that people who find themselves chubby or overweight usually tend to develop the situation.

Individuals who have already got kind 2 diabetes and are chubby or overweight are additionally extra prone to develop related issues.

“Diets excessive in refined carbohydrates akin to pasta, white bread and sugary drinks elevate blood glucose ranges and the physique’s regular response is to provide extra insulin to stability that,” mentioned Dr Zenon.

Nevertheless, individuals who have diabetes are unable to create that stability so must take treatment to regulate it.

However consuming healthily and losing a few pounds have helped some individuals to place their diabetes into remission by decreasing blood sugar ranges naturally.

“By decreasing the quantity of carbohydrates eaten and controlling calorie consumption, the physique’s blood sugar ranges can stay at regular ranges and for some diabetics, coupled with ongoing weight reduction and train, because of this treatment is not wanted,” mentioned Dr Zenon.

“It is very important word right here that we can not name this a treatment, we don’t at the moment have long-term proof to recommend it is a everlasting state of affairs,” he warned.

Dr Zenon famous some research additionally recommend individuals who try to get their diabetes in remission quickly after prognosis stand a greater probability of being profitable, because the cells which management glucose ranges are doubtlessly much less broken.

“Individuals with kind 2 diabetes ought to converse to their GP or specialist earlier than trying to get their diabetes into remission.

“They are going to be in a position suggest wholesome consuming and train plans and set manageable targets, as trying a crash food regimen with out session could carry severe well being dangers and unwanted side effects.

“Individuals with kind 2 diabetes in remission, are inspired to proceed getting common well being and diabetes checkups akin to retinal screening.

“Sort 2 diabetes could have as soon as been thought-about a lifelong situation, however current analysis has proven that for some individuals it will probably go into remission by weight reduction and wholesome way of life decisions.

“Nevertheless there may be not but long-term proof to show it is a everlasting treatment,” Dr Zenon reiterated.

Diabetes: 4 widespread signs

Diabetes is a lifelong situation that causes an individual’s blood sugar stage to turn out to be too excessive.

There are two primary sorts – kind 1, when the physique’s immune system assaults and destroys the insulin producing cells, and kind 2, when the physique doesn’t produce sufficient insulin, or the physique’s cells don’t react to insulin.

Sort 2 is extra widespread that kind 1, with 90 per cent of all diabetics within the UK having kind 2.

Frequent urinating

Going to the bathroom much more than regular, particularly at night time, is a standard signal of diabetes.

Urinating continuously can be an indication of different medical points, akin to prostate issues, so make sure you go to your GP to have diabetes confirmed.


Extreme thirst, in any other case generally known as polydipsia, is a basic signal of diabetes. It’s linked to frequent urination.

As extra glucose builds up within the blood, the kidneys are pressured to work further onerous to filter and soak up the surplus sugar, and if they will’t sustain, the surplus sugar is excreted in to urine, taking alongside fluids from physique tissue.

This triggers extra urination, which can go away diabetics dehydrated.

Blurred imaginative and prescient

Excessive ranges of blood sugar could cause the lens inside the attention to swell, which may end up in blurred eyesight.

Very low blood sugar ranges also can trigger blurred imaginative and prescient.

Weight reduction

If you happen to aren’t attempting to reduce weight, and also you discover a lack of muscle bulk or the numbers on the scales drop, this may very well be an indication of diabetes.

This occurs as a result of inadequate insulin prevents the physique from getting glucose from the blood to the cells to make use of as vitality.

The physique will then begin burning fats and muscle for vitality, inflicting weight reduction.

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