Top Chef Jr’s Curtis Stone Praises Keto Diet, Thinks It’s Healthy

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Curtis Stone undoubtedly does not follow the celeb-favorite Keto diet plan slash way of life, which stays a questionable subject in the health neighborhood as issues of long-lasting health results continue to be raised. However what he understands of its core concepts– leaving out sugar and grains, taking in great deals of great fat, keeping the carbohydrates low and protein-moderate– interest him and feels fairly sound.

” I believe it’s an excellent healthy diet plan, there’s absolutely nothing incorrect with it, it’s natural,” the restaurateur and Leading Chef Jr. host informed The Banquet “I believe any diet plan that promotes 2 basic entire foods is the very best method to go, and naturally that’s precisely where that’s driving you– far from processed foods and far from extremely improved things. I believe grass-fed beef is the very best protein you can have.”