Tips to avoid weight gain over the holidays with Vitalife Weight Loss Program’s David Jaspers

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Did you understand the typical individual gains anywhere from 11 to 16 pounds over the vacations?

It’s difficult to reduce weight throughout the vacations, however there are things you can do to preserve the weight you are so you’ll have a head start for your Brand-new Year weight-loss resolution!

Vitalife Weight-loss Program developer and creator David Jaspers visited WCL to offer us those ideas and he present us to among his weight-loss successes. Ed Kerfin lost almost 80 pounds and his better half Michelle lost 47 pounds!

Hear their journey and how the Vitalife Weight-loss Program can assist with persistent health conditions.

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Davis’ ideas for deflecting weight throughout the vacations: This year for the vacations keep in mind to “Commemorate the vacations RIGHT.”

R EMEMBER the vacations have to do with individuals not food.
I GNORE the candy/cookie container.
G ET your food in at typical meals do not GRAZE.
H AVE HEALTHY food prior to a huge event meal.
T AKE TWENTY minutes prior to grabbing that 2nd assisting.

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