The best (and worst) things to do on Boxing Day

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You most likely consumed rather a lot the other day. You most likely ended the day in a turkey and plum pudding coma, groaning pitifully about how you should not have actually consumed that 15 th Ferrero Rocher. And I comprehend. I consumed like a devil the other day and I do not even commemorate Christmas! There was absolutely nothing else to do! The refrigerator was my only home entertainment.

You’re most likely lured to begin your fast/clean eating/paleo/meal replacement shake/organic vegan kick today. Withstand. It’s a bad concept. For something, you’re most likely knee-deep in leftovers and/or pity, neither of which contributes to healthy consuming options. For another, it’s the vacations. Wait till New Year. A lot of time to break resolutions then.

Don't hit the shops, even if it's tempting.

Do not strike the stores, even if it’s appealing. Credit: AAP

Choice 2: Should you strike the stores?

This is a hard one. On the one hand, you might score a big deal at the Boxing Day sales. On the other hand, are you joke me? It will be hell on earth. No cost savings deserve the battle to park, the pressing through the crowds, the waiting at the checkout, the being elbowed in the ribcage by a flinty-eyed female figured out to get the last flat-screen TELEVISION. For the love of god extra yourself and stay at home.

Choice 3: Should you view the cricket?


Look, it can’t injure to have the cricket on in the background as you snooze on the sofa and consume leftovers directly from the refrigerator. It’s the Australian Method. However let’s not get brought away here. This is cricket, the slowest video game in the world conserve for those Words with Buddies matches that drag on for weeks. And it might extremely well end in a draw. Do not get too invested.

Choice 4: Should you consume?

Hmmm. It’s an excellent concept to have a dry day after a huge one. And the other day was most likely a huge one. Does not plum pudding include alcohol? Although, it’s a public vacation, and you require something to assist you survive that troubling cricket match. In conclusion, I vote yes for a tipple.

Choice 5: Should you exchange the bad presents?

I have a little bit of an issue with returning undesirable presents. It simply feels incorrect. Or possibly I’m simply frightened of getting captured as I slip into the shop, huge lavender-scented candle light in hand. (I dislike lavender. Terrible odor.) I choose to push bad presents into the back of the cabinet, then toss them out after a sensible quantity of time has actually passed– state, 3 to 5 years. I do not get Christmas presents, however this has actually worked well for all the Mom’s Day crap my kids have actually brought house from the school stall. This year is the 3rd anniversary of that “Finest Mummy” ceramic bowl and the 4th anniversary of that tan bag with the puke-green tassel. Bid farewell, my pretties!

Choice 6: Should you have a nap?

Yes. Naturally. Why in the world would you even ask that?

So that’s it for Boxing Day choices! And for those of you who avoided to this paragraph due to the fact that you’re working: sorry men. However search the intense side! A minimum of you’ll miss out on the cricket.

Kerri is an author, writer and mom of 3. Her newest book is ‘Out There: A Survival Guide for Dating in Midlife’.

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