The 18 Best Healthy Foods to Buy in Bulk (And the Worst)

By Jillian Kubala, MS, RD

Purchasing food in big amounts, likewise called bulk shopping, is an outstanding method to fill your kitchen and refrigerator while minimizing food expenses.

Specific products are greatly marked down when bought wholesale, making it a cost-effective routine that can conserve you a great deal of cash.

While some foods make perfect options for bulk shopping due to their long service life or freezability, more disposable foods ought to be purchased in smaller sized amounts to prevent wasting.

Here are the 18 finest healthy foods to purchase wholesale—and a few of the worst.

1. Dried Beans and Lentils

Dried beans and lentils are among the most shelf-stable foods.

The term “shelf-stable” describes foods that can be saved at space temperature level for a prolonged duration prior to spoiling.

Though keeping beans and lentils might cause deterioration of specific nutrients in time, some research studies have actually revealed that some beans stay edible for 10 or more years (1, 2).

Beans and lentils are high in fiber, anti-oxidants, minerals and vitamins, making them a healthy bulk shopping option.

What’s more, they can be contributed to a wide array of meals, such as soups, curries, stews and salads.

2. Frozen Berries

Though tasty and healthy, fresh berries can be pricey and extremely disposable.

Fortunately, frozen berries are comparable in dietary worth to fresh berries and can be bought wholesale at lower costs (3).

Collecting then rapidly freezing berries extends service life and keeps the dietary material of fresh berries (4).

According to the USDA, frozen fruit like berries can be securely saved in the freezer for as much as 6 months (5).

Including berries to your diet plan can benefit health in numerous methods, consisting of decreasing your danger of heart problem, specific cancers, diabetes and psychological decrease (6, 7, 8).

3. Frozen Meat and Poultry

Since fresh meat and poultry ruin rapidly when saved in the fridge, freezing them is an outstanding method to prevent food waste.

According to the USDA FoodKeeper app, frozen meat like steak can last in the freezer for as much as 12 months while chicken breast can last as much as 9 months.

Freezing protein sources right away after purchase can extend use so that you do not need to go to the shop whenever you require meat or poultry for a dish.

4. Frozen Veggies

Like fresh berries and other kinds of fruit, fresh veggies tend to ruin rapidly, even when effectively saved.

For this factor, stockpiling on frozen veggies like spinach, broccoli and butternut squash is a great concept, as a lot of can be saved in the freezer for as much as 8 months.

Veggies are loaded with nutrients, which is why diet plans that consist of both fresh and frozen veggies have actually been connected to many health advantages.

For instance, individuals who have greater veggie consumption have a lower danger of persistent conditions like heart problem and diabetes than those who take in percentages of veggies (9).

5. Honey

Although honey is typically believed to remain edible forever, some aspects can affect its quality and reduce its service life.

Storage conditions, consisting of heat and humidity, can impact the scent, texture and taste of honey, making its service life difficult to identify (10).

Due To The Fact That there is no other way to specify an expiration date for all kinds of honey due to distinctions in storage, the National Honey Board suggests keeping honey for as much as 2 years.

This is still a remarkably long service life, making honey the ideal product to purchase wholesale.

6. Oats

Not just are oats a flexible and healthy grain, however they likewise occur to have a prolonged service life.

The FoodKeeper app mentions that fresh oats can be saved for as much as 4 months in the kitchen.

Freezing oats in airtight containers can even more extend their service life, adding another 4 months to their expiration date.

Oats are high in B vitamins, magnesium and zinc, along with a specific kind of fiber called beta-glucan, which might assist lower cholesterol, minimize blood sugar level levels and increase sensations of fullness (11, 12).

7. Dried Fruits

Dried fruit is extremely healthy and includes an excellent quantity of fiber, minerals and vitamins (13).

What’s more, it’s a healthy kitchen product that has a a lot longer service life than fresh fruit.

Dried fruits like mangos, cranberries and apricots can be saved for as much as 6 months. After opening, keeping them in the fridge will enable them to last another 6 months.

Bear in mind that dried fruit is greater in calories and sugar than fresh fruit and ought to be consumed in percentages. Pick unsweetened dried fruit whenever possible to restrict included sugarintake.

8. Nuts in the Shell

Nuts in the shell last a lot longer than shelled nuts, making them a fantastic option for long-lasting storage.

Most of the times, acquiring nuts in the shell extends their service life.

For instance, almonds in the shell will keep for as much as 6 months when saved at 68℉ (20℃), while shelled almonds just last 4 months when saved at the exact same temperature level (14).

Purchase nuts like almonds, walnuts, peanuts and pecans in the shell and break them with a nutcracker as required.

An additional advantage of nuts in the shell is that it takes more effort and time to prepare them than shelled nuts, which might slow consuming and cause a decrease in calorie consumption.

9. Specific Entire Grains

Specific entire grains such as farro, spelt, wild rice, quinoa and amaranth have remarkably long service life.

For example, according to the FoodKeeper app, raw quinoa can last for as much as 3 years when saved properly in a kitchen.

Entire grains make exceptional additions to any meal, offering a hearty source of fiber, vitamins, anti-oxidants and effective plant substances that all advantage health (15).

Another factor to stockpile on entire grains is that they are amongst the most flexible of all components and can be contributed to breakfast, lunch, supper and treats.

10. Popcorn

Entire popcorn can be bought wholesale and saved for as much as 2 years at space temperature level.

Unlike packaged immediate popcorn which contains unhealthy components like damaging ingredients and unhealthy fats, entire popcorn is totally natural.

Not to discuss, preparing your own popcorn is enjoyable and enables you to manage the components you take in.

Plus, popcorn is high in fiber, phosphorus, manganese, zinc and polyphenol anti-oxidants, making it a healthy treat when consumed in small amounts (16).

11. Dried Pasta

Unlike fresh pasta, which requires to be prepared within a couple of days, dried pasta can be saved for as much as 2 years.

Entire wheat pasta makes a much better option than fine-tuned white pasta because it is lower in calories and greater in specific nutrients, consisting of fiber, manganese and magnesium (17).

For those who can’t endure the gluten discovered in wheat-based pasta, wild rice pasta and pasta made from gluten-free grains are healthy options with comparable service life.

Various kinds of pasta can be discovered in the bulk area of supermarket and are generally used at reduced rates.

12. Coconut Oil

Lots of fats can’t be saved long-lasting due to the danger of oxidation, which can cause wasting.

Nevertheless, coconut oil has a a lot longer service life and is more resistant to oxidation than other veggie oils (18).

Plus, unrefined virgin coconut oil includes effective anti-oxidants that are believed to assist safeguard the oil from wasting (19).

Storage times can differ depending upon temperature level and light direct exposure, however the FoodKeeper app recommends that coconut oil saved in a cool, dark location ought to last as much as 3 years.

Coconut oil can be utilized in cooking, baking and skin care.

13. Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are typically described as a superfood due to their excellent concentration of omega-3 fats, fiber, magnesium, calcium and anti-oxidants (20).

While chia seeds are healthy, they likewise tend to be pricey.

Fortunately, chia seeds bought wholesale are typically lower in cost than chia seeds purchased in smaller sized amounts.

What’s more, chia seeds have a long service life of around 18 months when saved in a cool, dark place.

14. Peanut Butter

With its velvety texture and pleasing taste, peanut butter is an essential product in many people’s kitchens.

Purchasing peanut butter in big containers is more affordable because bulk peanut butter is cost an affordable rate.

Peanut butter is an outstanding source of plant-based protein, healthy fats, minerals and vitamins and can be utilized in numerous methods (21).

Natural peanut butter is healthier than processed brand names which contain sugarcoated and hydrogenated oils.

Keep unopened natural peanut butter in the refrigerator to keep it fresh for as much as 12 months. After opening, anticipate your peanut butter to last about 3 to 4 months in the fridge.

15. Greens Powders

Getting in sufficient greens can be an obstacle for some individuals.

What’s more, fresh greens require to be utilized within a couple of days prior to they begin to deteriorate.

Greens powders are dietary supplements made from dried, crushed greens like kale, spinach and wheatgrass.

Not just are greens powders extremely healthy, however a lot of brand names will likewise remain fresh in the fridge or freezer after opening for as much as 2 years.

Purchasing greens powder wholesale sizes will make sure that you have a lasting supply of this healthy item to contribute to healthy smoothies, yogurt and other dishes.

16. Protein Powders

Top quality protein powders can be expensive.

Nevertheless, a lot of business use bigger containers of different protein powders at less expensive cost points.

Considering that many people who utilize protein powder do so regularly, purchasing big quantities at a lower expense is a clever method to conserve cash.

A Few Of the most popular protein powders, consisting of whey and pea protein, generally end around 8–18 months after purchase (22).

17. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is a multipurpose component that can be utilized both in food and as a natural cleaner.

Since of its adaptability, apple cider vinegar can be consumed rapidly, specifically by those who depend on it as a cleaner.

Fortunately, apple cider vinegar is offered in big containers that can last as much as 5 years when saved at space temperature level (23).

What’s more, apple cider vinegar has anti-bacterial homes and has actually even been revealed to minimize blood sugar level and promote weight-loss (24, 25).

18. Nutritional Yeast

Nutritional yeast loads an effective dosage of nutrients and is specifically popular with those following plant-based diet plans.

Nutritional yeast is an outstanding source of vitamin B12, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, folate, magnesium, zinc and protein (26).

It has a mouthwatering, cheese-like taste and can be contributed to meals for a nutrition increase.

Nutritional yeast can be bought wholesale at lower costs than smaller sized containers and has a life span of as much as 2 years.

Worst Foods to Purchase wholesale

It’s a clever option to acquire some foods in big amounts to conserve cash. Nevertheless, the following foods are more disposable and ought to just be bought in percentages.

Fresh Vegetables And Fruits

If you routinely purchase fresh fruit and vegetables, possibilities are you have actually discovered a rotten vegetable or fruit in your refrigerator that had not been utilized in time.

While there are exceptions, numerous fresh vegetables and fruits, such as berries, zucchini and greens, have a life span of less than a week prior to they start to rot.

When purchasing fresh vegetables and fruits, just acquire what you understand you will utilize within the coming week to prevent food waste.


While saturated oils like coconut oil and palm oil shop well, other oils ought to not be bought wholesale.

Veggie oils which contain high quantities of polyunsaturated fats like safflower, soybean and sunflower oils are more vulnerable to oxidation, specifically when saved in clear glass or plastic containers (27).

Oils high in polyunsaturated fats ought to just be bought in little amounts and saved in cool, dark areas to avoid oxidation.


Big warehouse store typically offer eggs wholesale at reduced costs.

If you have a big household that consumes eggs daily, then purchasing wholesale might be affordable.

Nevertheless, those who hardly ever consume eggs and those with little families might not have the ability to end up a couple of lots eggs prior to their expiration date of 3 to 5 weeks (28).


To prevent wasting, white, whole-wheat and nut-based flours ought to not be bought wholesale.

Whole-wheat flour has a life span of as low as 3 months, while white flour can begin to ruin after 6 months.

Specific nut-based flours are much more vulnerable to wasting and ought to be saved in the fridge or freezer.


Since spices are utilized in percentages, it’s finest to prevent purchasing bulk containers.

Spices can lose their effectiveness in time and ought to be changed as typically as every 6–12 months for ideal taste.

Prepared Foods

Do not be lured to stockpile on your preferred ready foods when on sale unless you intend on consuming the products rapidly.

Meals like egg salad, chicken salad and prepared pasta just last a couple of days in the refrigerator.

What’s more, consuming ready foods past their expiration date can put you in threat of foodborne disease (29).

SUMMARYWhile it makes good sense to purchase some products wholesale, foods like oils, eggs, fresh fruit and vegetables, flour, spices and ready food ought to just be purchased in little amounts.

The Bottom Line

Lots of healthy foods can be bought wholesale at reduced costs.

Dried beans, oats, frozen poultry, peanut butter and frozen vegetables and fruits are some examples of healthy products that have long service life.

These foods can be saved in the kitchen, freezer or refrigerator for numerous months, which is why acquiring them wholesale is a clever option.

Nevertheless, purchasing disposable items like fresh fruit and vegetables and eggs ought to be prevented to cut down on food waste and prevent taking in ruined foods.

Stock up on healthy, non-perishable bulk products to make sure that you constantly have components offered to make healthy, tasty meals and treats.

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