Sugar-free alternatives don’t mean missing out: recipes to try

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T he household cookbooks listed below are an excellent location to begin experimenting with brand-new dishes with the objective of decreasing the general quantity of sugar in your kids’s diet plans. The concept, as the popular Australian reporter and sugar-free supporter Sarah Wilson composes is not to prohibit “bad” foods, however to crowd them out. “Rather, we concentrate on consuming an entire stack of other treats, deals with, and meals so there merely isn’t adequate space left for the sweet things,” she composes in her Kids’ Cookbook

A few of these dishes do consist of natural sweeteners, such as brown-rice syrup and dark chocolate, however the concept is to consume these treats and desserts as a reward. Small amounts is whatever. As author Lizzie King puts it in the intro to her Lizzie Likes Healthy Household Food: “Now you have actually dumped the white things, it does not imply you can go wild with a bottle of maple syrup– that sort of misses out on the point. Naturally taking place sugars/sweeteners do comparable things to blood-sugar levels, so our focus should not be on discovering an easy swap, however on reducing the sweet taste in our diet plans in general.”

Another excellent factor not to exaggerate the maple syrup, cacao powder and any other natural sweetener is the expense. Including cups of natural maple syrup to your rolled oats will quickly build up– and the calorie count is not unimportant, either.

What is necessary is to get kids on board by revealing them that being sugar-free requirement not imply losing out. In The Sugar Free Household Cookbook, author Sarah Flower supporters utilizing alternative sweeteners such as xylitol, stevia and erythritol as a substitute “Get [children] into the cooking area to bake and develop utilizing sugar-free sweeteners up until their taste buds modifications,” she composes. “You may discover in the very first couple of months you make even more sweet things as you show it is not a limiting diet plan. As your taste buds modifications, you will require the sweet foods less and less.”

You will see from the variety of remarks made by my household group of professional cups and their various likes/dislikes that everybody’s taste buds is tuned into sweet flavours rather in a different way. However then it was constantly going to be an operate in development as my kids’s (and partner’s) tastes buds change with hits and misses out on along the method. See how yours fare with these basic dishes.


Banana sticks

Makes 2


1 banana; 2 lolly sticks; melted dark chocolate, cream, nut butter or yoghurt; sliced nuts (almonds or hazelnuts– optional)


▶ Cut the banana in half and location a lolly stick into each piece.

▶ Dip or coat in melted chocolate, cream, nut butter or yoghurt. Sprinkle with sliced nuts, if preferred.

▶ Location in the freezer up until frozen

From The Sugar Free Household Cookbook by Sarah Flower, released by Robinson, 2017

The household’s decision: Annys, 6: “Mmm. 10/10” Thora, 8: “I like this, however it makes my teeth a bit cold.” Nick, 46: “Still tastes like a little bit of a reward, even if it’s not ice cream.”

Hazelnut choc crunch with raspberries

Makes 8-10 pieces


1 cup (135 g) hazelnuts; 1/2 cup (60 g) pecans; 2 loaded tablespoon cacao powder; big pinch sea salt; 5-6 Medjool dates, pitted and approximately sliced; 1 tablespoon almond butter (or 1 tablespoon maple syrup); handful of fresh or frozen raspberries to embellish. Topping: 1/2 cup cacao butter; 2 tablespoon cacao powder; 60 ml maple syrup; pinch sea salt; or 150 g dark chocolate (70 percent cocoa solids minimum)


▶ Preheat the oven to 180 ° C. Line a 900 g loaf tin with baking paper.

▶ Lay the hazelnuts on a flat pan and roast for 5 to 10 minutes. Delegate cool, tip into a tidy tea towel, then rub in between your hands to shed the skins. Reserve a little handful of nuts and approximately slice them.

▶ Location the staying nuts in a food mill with the pecans. Pulse-blend up until you have a great meal. Include cacao powder, salt, dates, almond butter (or maple syrup), and pulse-blend once again up until broken down and sticky. Suggestion the mix into the loaf tin, and press securely and uniformly. Location in freezer while making the chocolate topping.

▶ To make the topping, melt chocolate. Additionally, melt other active ingredients in a little pan over low heat, stirring sometimes. Take the tin out of the freezer, put topping over nut mix, scatter over reserved hazelnuts and embellish with raspberries. Go back to the freezer to shop for a minimum of 30 minutes and get rid of 10 minutes prior to consuming. Or keep in the refrigerator, if consuming instantly.

From Lizzie Likes Healthy Household Food by Lizzie King, released by Trapeze, 2017

The household’s decision: Annys: “I like the chocolate topping.” Thora: “On my 2nd bite, it’s really good.” Nick, 46: “It appears like what you ‘d offer a bird in winter season. It requires creme fraiche.”


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