Reasons for weight gain that’s aren’t related to your diet

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  • Enjoying what you consume is essential, however you might still be not reducing weight.
  • There are some other health factors that might be avoiding you from reducing weight.
  • It is essential to speak with your physician.

There are a variety of factors you might be having a hard time to drop weight or are putting on weight, even if you’re consuming right.

Holly Lofton, MD, director of the Weight Management Program at NYU Langone Health informed EXPERT this is a typical issue for her clients, however there are options.

“I see this extremely frequently,” Dr. Lofton stated. “The typical individual can be found in, they understand how to drop weight … They’re doing what they anticipate they should, they’re tracking their calories, they’re doing 10,000 actions and they’re not getting weight reduction, or, god forbid, [they are gaining weight].”

Here are some reasons you might be putting on weight even if you have a healthy diet plan. Dr. Lofton recommends speaking to your physician in order to recognize why if you have particular concerns with any of them.

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