Mum shares diet and exercises behind incredible six-pack

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When Cassie McKay searches in the mirror — she is exceptionally pleased with the lady she sees.

Prior to her outstanding weight-loss journey, the mother-of-two would delight in tubs of ice cream, surface packages of biscuits daily, consume cake and depend on her kids’ incomplete peanut butter sandwiches to get her through the day.

At simply 160cm, she weighed an unhealthy 70kg.

She exposed the ice creams she was taking in would have around 20g of sugar in them — that’s 60g a day on simply treats.

“I snacked on chocolate too, however if there were lollies in your house I would consume them too,” she stated.

“I would purchase packs of Tim Tams and consume one, then 2, and would believe if I simply consumed the entire package, nobody would discover.”

After supper, which generally included pasta and curries, she would ask her partner to head out and get her a chocolate sundae.

“I didn’t like how I was feeling however didn’t actually understand how to choose myself up.”

It just became worse when the 34-year-old brought to life her 2nd kid.

Ms McKay’s kid has several illness and although she thought she had whatever under control, it was far from truth.

“I felt as though I lost myself,” she informed

“My kid has a variety of medical conditions and likewise appears to have a weak body immune system. “He has a shunt that drains pipes fluid from his brain to his abdominal area.”

Throughout this exceptionally bumpy ride, Ms McKay had actually likewise gotten 26kgs from her pregnancy and discovered herself at a loss of hope.

“I believed I had my head around being a mum however, having 2 kids and being a mum to an ill kid, I was going through a great deal of feelings.”

However after the medical consultations decreased, Ms McKay had the ability to concentrate on her consuming practices a little bit more. She dug deep to discover the strength to kick a routine that was just worsening.

“When my kid turned one I lost control of my life and who I was and I wished to discover that once again.”

“I didn’t feel great when I was going to work, I would place on clothing and none would fit.

“This body had actually brought and nurtured 2 infants and had actually withstood a C-section and hip surgical treatment. I was a hectic mum offering whatever to my household. I wished to be body positive however it simply wasn’t taking place.”

In 2017 when Ms McKay signed up with The Healthy Mummy — a parenting health website solely for mums — she understood that not just was she efficient in managing her frame of mind and getting the healthy body she as soon as imagined, however she might still please her sweet yearnings.

“The food dishes they provide you are fantastic — which is the only reason that I am still with them,” Ms McKay stated, “in addition to the motivating support-network of mum’s who are likewise going through comparable experiences.”

“The obstacles have actually taught me that simple is frequently best, so now my go-to treats are veg sticks to hummus, boiled or curried eggs, Greek yoghurt with fresh fruit, apple pieces with almond butter, dark chocolate with green tea,” she stated.

“For dessert I’ll generally have a snickers mousse made with ricotta cheese peanut butter and cacao — which is likewise among their dishes — so long as it fits within my calorie target.

“I cut sugar out gradually by changing it with Healthy Mummy treats. I most likely exaggerated the treats in the start however they got me through the very first month without excessive inconvenience.”

Ms McKay stated she had actually attempted lots of diet plans in the past however since of the stringent standards she might never ever keep it.

The part-time ecologist officer stated The Healthy Mummy is useful for working or hectic mum’s on the go as a great deal of the dishes are as fast as 15 minutes.


Ms McKay began with The Healthy Mummy on 2300 calories prior to trimming to 56kg where she now goes for 1800 calories — it is based upon her BMR (basal metabolic rate).

“I discovered how to consume to my BMR to nurture and sustain my body,” Ms McKay stated.

“I at first registered wishing to lose 3kg however wound up losing 10kg in 7 months. The last couple of kilos is constantly tough to lose for me — I’ve invested years attempting different diet plans to lose the last couple of kilos and unexpectedly it took place and it actually didn’t appear all that challenging.

“I’ve kept that loss for over 18 months now and am now concentrating on reinforcing and toning.”

Apart from strolling the kids to and from school everyday (20 minutes a day), Ms McKay doesn’t go a day without her standard core-strengthening workouts — which she states has actually assisted get a specified and toned stomach.

Her primary 2 are pelvic tilts (laying on your back in a neutral position, legs bent and pulling your stubborn belly button in towards your spinal column, pressing your hips up towards the ceiling); and dead bugs (laying on your back and bring your left leg towards the flooring and bring your ideal arm overhead, gradually return your limb to the beginning position and repeat).

The latter workout is a workout typical to pilates.

“I am definitely surprised and shocked with how far I have actually come,” Ms McKay stated.

“I have actually never ever been healthy or delighted in working out and I really pinch myself from time to time as I don’t think they’re my outcomes. I never ever thought I might attain it, however I did.”


Ms McKay utilized to toss whatever out at the end of the week, today she utilizes all of her groceries and is investing next to absolutely nothing on takeaway.

She likewise preps meals and treats with comparable active ingredients, for instance, she might do a day of bliss balls or a day of chicken based meals to conserve effort and time.

“I have an additional freezer with ready-made meals and treats. I freeze meals in zip lock bags in specific part sizes so they can be quickly thawed for any variety of individuals and I clean and recycle the bags.”


“I have actually been doing this for more than 2 years and it hasn’t been quickly however it has actually deserved it,” Ms McKay stated.

“Every action you take is towards making a much healthier you. Simply keep pressing forward.

“For me, my sluggish outcomes imply I’ve taken time out for my household — missed out on exercises to snuggle my ill infant, discussing my everyday calories since the kids desire ice cream, avoiding meal preparation for a day out with the household … and I don’t be sorry for a single thing.

“It’s so simple to wish to blink and be at completion of your weight-loss journey.

“However I require time to decrease, not accelerate. There is a lot to be discovered along the way-hang in there and accept every second of it.”

— The Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Reduction Obstacle & The Healthy Mummy Health & Physical fitness App offers you an individual fitness instructor, dietitian, meal organizer and inspirational coach. The programs take 30 minutes a day. Offered on both iOS and Android.

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