Keto & Intermittent Fasting Workshop At Greenr Cafe, Gurgaon

Keto & Intermittent Fasting Workshop At Greenr Cafe, Gurgaon

Greenr is back with a brand-new partnership with the Environment Health Studio, an effort by Rebekah Blank (Fab Coffee Shop) and Ariella Blank, for another round of an overall health and health-driven occasion.

Did you understand that when you have less carbohydrates and more fat, your body in fact begins to burn its own fat for fuel, resulting in a more lean body structure and unlimited energy? Did you understand that the secret to well balanced hormonal agents, psychological clearness, and steady energy is, in reality, having more of the ideal fats in your diet plan? Join them as they unload the keto diet plan: high fat, low carbohydrate and find out how to turn your body into a prospering fat-burning device. This diet plan can be made extremely healthy and is absolutely possible for vegetarians and vegans. You’ll get all the techniques and pointers you require to manage your yearnings and accomplish your perfect weight. In this workshop, you’ll exist a guide to all types of the Keto diet plan, how to, take house dishes, wish list, cheat sheets and goodies.

Join them for A Workshop on Keto & & Intermittent Fasting to learn more about hacks on the keto diet plan, how to consume for optimum energy, and how to feel your finest!

What: A Workshop on Keto & & Intermittent Diet Plan

When: 3rd November

Where: Greenr Gurgaon

Time: 5 PM to & & 7 PM

Pass: Rs 1000/-


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