I’m A Celeb stars’ staggering weight loss

I’m A Celeb entrant Yvie Jones offered among this season’s most psychological minutes when she pulled out of Sunday night’s entrant weigh-in, resisting tears as she opened about her long-lasting fight with an eating condition.

Jones’ fellow entrants praised her bravery, however after her speech, the medic monitoring the weigh-in was eager to stress the function of the workout was not to commemorate or glamorise the “severe diet plan” that is life as an I’m A Celebrity entrant.

“This is not an event about your weight reduction – it’s to offer a concept of the severe conditions your bodies have actually been through these previous 4 weeks,” he informed them.


Yvie speaks up as she declines to participate in the weigh-in.

Yvie speaks out as she decreases to take part in the weigh-in.

Very first provided the chance to think just how much weight they’d lost, the majority of the superstars extremely ignored what 4 weeks surviving on a diet plan of rice and beans and withstanding hard physical obstacles had actually done to their bodies.

Have a look at each entrant’s weight reduction listed below – it’s clear the competitors has actually taken an incredible toll on their bodies (chatter expert Richard Reid lost 12.5 percent of his body weight, while design Justin Lacko lost 11 percent). Likewise consisted of: the weight reduction tallies for those entrants removed previously in the season, a few of whom remained in the jungle for simple days.


Prior To: 96kg

After: 84kg

Weight-loss: 12kg


Richard before.

Richard prior to.


Richard at weigh-in.

Richard at weigh-in.


Prior To: 56kg

After: 53kg

Weight-loss: 3kg


Angie before.

Angie prior to.


Angie at weigh-in.

Angie at weigh-in.


Prior To: 89kg

After: 79kg

Weight-loss: 10kg


Justin before.

Justin prior to.


Justin at weigh-in.

Justin at weigh-in.


Prior To: 93kg

After: 82kg

Weight-loss: 11kg


Luke before.

Luke prior to.


Luke at weigh-in.

Luke at weigh-in.

Prior To: 61kg

After: 56kg

Weight-loss: 5kg


Natasha before.

Natasha prior to.


Natasha (left) at weigh-in.

Natasha (left) at weigh-in.


Prior To: 91kg

After: 83kg

Weight-loss: 8kg


Shane before. Picture: Nigel Wright.

Shane prior to. Image: Nigel Wright.


Shane at weigh-in.

Shane at weigh-in.

And the superstars who were currently removed prior to weigh-in:



Weight-loss: 4.2kg


Ajay before.

Ajay prior to.


Ajay after her eviction.

Ajay after her expulsion.



Weight-loss: 7kg

Jacqui before. Picture: Nigel Wright

Jacqui prior to. Image: Nigel Wright


Jacqui after her eviction.

Jacqui after her expulsion.


Weight-loss: 2.5kg


Sam before.

Sam prior to.


Sam after his eviction.

Sam after his expulsion.


Weight-loss: 4.5kg


Katherine before.

Katherine prior to.


Katherine after her eviction.

Katherine after her expulsion.


Weight-loss: 11.2kg


Dermott before.

Dermott prior to.


Dermott after his eviction.

Dermott after his expulsion.


Weight-loss: 8kg


Tahir before.

Tahir prior to.


Tahir after his eviction.

Tahir after his expulsion.


Weight-loss: 5.8kg


Justine before.

Justine prior to.


Justine after her eviction.

Justine after her expulsion.

I’m A Celebrity continues 7.30pm tonight, Wednesday and Thursday night prior to Sunday night’s season ending.

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