‘I don’t believe in fad diets’: Julie Goodwin on Pete Evan’s infamous paleo diet

The paleo diet plan, frequently described as the caveman diet plan, is extremely popular nowadays. It’s created to imitate just exactly what human beings are believed to have actually consumed throughout the Palaeolithic age. It promotes poultry, fish, eggs, fruit, veggies and meat, while preventing beans, grains and dairy items.

The paleo diet, commonly referred to as the caveman diet, is hugely popular these days. It’s designed to emulate only what humans are thought to have eaten during the Palaeolithic era. It promotes poultry, fish, eggs, fruit, vegetables and meat, while avoiding legumes, grains and dairy products.

Speaking exclusively to Starts at 60, the MasterChef winner, 47, said: “I don’t believe in fad diets and I certainly don’t believe in diets that are pushed from people who are not doctors or nutritionists. No one’s been able to explain to me why you would want to follow a diet from people that are extinct.”

Many health experts in the past have criticised the diet and labelled it another fad. Alexa Nella, a dietician at the University of California, told News.com.au that it “puts most [people] at risk of deficiencies in calcium and vitamin D”.

Rather than jumping on the bandwagon, Goodwin advises speaking with a health care professional first. “I think that each of us have a responsibility to our own health,” she added. And when it comes to looking after our health the best rule of thumb is to choose foods that are “as close to nature as possible” Goodwin reckons.

She also believes that eating seasonally is important and carries benefits to your health and wallet. “It’s so important to know what’s in season … you’re buying as local as possible, you’re buying [produce] at its peak nutritionally and it’s cheaper,” she said.

However, with supermarkets supplying many kinds of produce all year round, it can be hard to remember which is actually in season and at its best.
So what’s in season this month? Goodwin says apples, pears and strawberries continue to be a great choice, while root vegetables are also at their best now. If you’re feeling inspired, she recommends dishing up a delicious hearty pumpkin soup or whipping up some good ol’ homemade jam!

“I love making jam, but I just love eating strawberries as they are … I [also] use them as a garnish on a nice dessert,” she said.

Goodwin has made a name for herself as a talented cook, turning her MasterChef win into a hugely successful career. She opened up cookery school Julie’s Place on the Central Coast and writes regular recipe columns for Australian Women’s WeeklyGoodwin has also published six books, and revealed she is “gearing up to start writing my seventh cookbook”.

Are you a fan of Julie Goodwin? Would you try the paleo diet?

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