How to make an old Android phone feel new again

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Old Android phones are all over. They remain in closets, cooking areas, desk drawers– and, yes, even in the pockets of efficient company individuals who (gasp!) have not troubled to update in a while.

In spite of the consistent marketing to the contrary, mobile phones can stay completely capable long after their launch dates. They can, nevertheless, begin to appear a little sluggish or behind the curve after a couple of years of usage– and the older and more resource-limited a gadget is, the more noticable that impact is most likely to be.

However wait! Do not desert hope right now: A handful of easy actions can make your old Android phone feel brand-new (or a minimum of brand-new er) once again. And whether you’re still bring the gadget around as a day-to-day chauffeur or utilizing it for more imaginative functions, every little enhancement counts.

So summon your inner mechanic and prepare yourself: It’s time to consider that old Android phone a much-needed tune-up– and a fresh lease on life.

Action 1: Tidy up your storage

First things initially: Let’s have a look at that regional storage. Great deals of phones have actually restricted regional area, and cleaning out the mess can go a long method in making things run much better.

The simplest method to obtain your home in order is with a one-two punch: First, open Google Photos (or if your phone is old enough that it didn’t included Pictures preinstalled, go download it from the Play Store and then open it).

Tap the menu icon in the app’s upper-left corner, select “Settings,” then select “Back up & sync” and activate the toggle that appears. (If the toggle was already activated when you got there, congrats! Take a victory sip of the nearest beverage and jump ahead to the next paragraph.) Follow the steps to set up syncing and then wait while Photos backs up your entire image and video collection to the cloud.

Got it? Good. Next, grab Google’s free Files Go app and open it up. Once you grant the app permission to access your phone’s storage, it’ll show you a series of suggestions for freeing up space on your device. Look in particular for cards directing you to remove junk files, duplicate files, downloaded files, large files, and now-redundant copies of your cloud-synced photos and videos.

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