Her Cauliflower Crust Pizza Is A Big Hit. Now, Entrepreneur Gail Becker Is Branching Out

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Gail Becker, CEO and Creator, Vegolutionary Foods. (Picture: Karel Navarro/Bloomberg) BLOOMBERG NEWS

Eighteen months back, new business owner Gail Becker bet whatever on her idea of a pizza with a cauliflower-based crust. It was such a success that she’s offering a cauliflower crust pizza every 3 seconds.

Beginning in 30 Entire Foods shops in March, 2017, Becker’s Caulipower pizza line has actually gone beyond sales of 10 million pizzas, and is offered in an approximated 10,000 nationwide and local supermarket, such as Kroger, Walmart and Safeway.

Now, her business, Vegolutionary Foods, is branching into brand-new line of product, consisting of a toast made from sweet potatoes that has actually simply struck the marketplace.

Becker approximates that Caulipower has 93 percent of the cauliflower crust pizza market, in spite of inroads by Trader Joe’s and other producers who have actually delved into the cauliflower crust pizza market.

Her pizzas are available in plain cheese, 3 cheese, margherita, vegetable and 2 meat variations, one with uncured pepperoni and the other with turkey pepperoni. She likewise offers plain crusts and cauliflower-based baking blends.

She states her success is based upon an easy formula: the crossway of much healthier consuming, time and taste. “We do not even market this as a gluten complimentary pizza,” Becker states. “It’s a terrific tasting pizza that’s much better for you and takes place to be gluten complimentary.”

Becker, whose background remains in political and public interactions, is a skilled executive who was profiled by FORBES quickly prior to Caulipower released.

Although you may be amazed at how rapidly her cauliflower crust pizza has actually captured on, Becker states there was a huge neighborhood of gluten-free and vegetarian eaters awaiting a plant-based item like the one she established.

Undoubtedly, professionals state that the marketplace for cauliflower-based foods is at least $17 million, while veggie replacements for noodles, rice and pasta has actually grown to a minimum of $47 million, according to The New York City Times

She typically browsed Pinterest and other websites for concepts of meals to feed her kids, who were detected at a young age with celiac illness, indicating they can not endure the gluten discovered in standard bread and pizza dough. She found more than 500,000 dishes alone for gluten-free crusts.

” Individuals are searching for methods to consume much better. It’s actually easy. That has actually constantly held true. Now, one you have these entire neighborhoods online, assisting each other, and sharing dishes,” she states.

Nevertheless, those dishes can be made complex, and Becker’s very first effort at making a cauliflower pizza crust took 90 minutes. Despite the fact that it was a struck with her kids, “I believed, ‘I can not be the only one to discover that 90 minutes is excessive to make a pizza crust,'” she stated.

However, seeing those numerous countless dishes made her think that cauliflower crust pizza had unique industrial possibilities.

Nevertheless, Becker states she understood that if she released a cauliflower pizza crust item, it had much better compare well with other frozen pizzas, not simply vegan or vegetarian-focused items.

” We’re not yet at a point where we want to compromise taste. There’s just a lot we can consume daily, so it had much better taste excellent,” she states. “If I wasn’t going to produce an item that kids would wish to consume, I would not do it.”

The advancement took a year, and Becker at first promoted her pizza at significant market trade convention. A newbie to working convention floorings, she established a cubicle utilizing a table linen she purchased Target and a banner purchased from Zazzle.

In spite of her no-frills technique, she states she was “swamped” with demands from suppliers.

Not long after her launch, she brought in a preliminary financial investment from Stone Food Group, signing up with a collection of little food brand names that the equity capital company has actually backed.

However Becker states was scared when Trader Joe’s presented its own cauliflower pizza crust in May,2017 “I believed, ‘that’s it,'” Becker stated.

Later on that year, however, Pop Sugar provided her pizza a ringing recommendation, stating its taste blew the Trader Joe’s variation out of the water. As an outcome, “our company blew up,” Becker states.

I have actually attempted both items, and Caulipower tastes much more detailed to a traditional thin crust pizza than the TJ’s crust. Trader Joe’s isn’t prevented, nevertheless; it’s included a plethora of cauliflower based items, both frozen and fresh.

Becker has actually continued to search social networks for concepts, and discovered motivation for her latest item there. SweetPotatoasts is a thick piece of roasted sweet potato that can be utilized as an alternative for bread.

It is available in 2 tastes, plain and topped with olive oil and sea salt. The pieces come frozen, and are then heated up in the oven for a couple of minutes to crisp them up.

The SweetPotatoasts site reveals them topped with the exact same sort of active ingredients that coffee shops utilize to construct avocado and other kinds of toast, like Nutella and strawberries, peanut butter and banana, and mouthwatering variations, too.

” Whatever you place on toast, you can place on SweetPotatoast,” states Becker.

Like the cauliflower pizza crust, they are gluten complimentary and are vegan and Paleo diet plan friendly. Similar to her pizza, Becker states the brand-new item is indicated to conserve time.

” Individuals were slicing a sweet potato lengthwise, and ideally not cutting their hands, and after that baking (the pieces) for 45 minutes, and after that toasting them,” she states. “That implies it’s an hour to make sweet potato toast.”

Becker acknowledges that some critics have actually questioned whether her gluten-free items are trends. “A great deal of individuals have actually stated, ‘I do not understand. What if this is simply a pattern? What are you going to do?'”

However, she states, “This is all various than kale in a variety of methods. (With cauliflower crust pizza) I wished to reveal that the idea wasn’t cauliflower as a veggie, however reinventing making use of veggies as active ingredients.”

And while some individuals think veggies are best utilized fresh, Becker thinks there’s an advantage to frozen items.

” I like frozen. There’s a sentence I never ever believed I ‘d state,” she states. “What we like to do is interfere with classifications that have not been touch. Pizza had not been interfered with considering that someone put cheese in a crust.”

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