Healthy Instant Pot Recipes – Healthy Chicken Instant Pot Recipes

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Consuming healthy is never ever simple, however, blog writers are consuming over Immediate Pots for a factor: They secure a great deal of the guesswork. In the brand-new book Immediate Flat Stubborn Belly, we’re informed the one concern we should ask ourselves is, “What would take place if I made supper in my Immediate Pot each and every single night?” It does seem like a hot proposal: Having the ability to toss all your components in one vessel, press a setting, and after that forget everything about it up until the timer goes off.

The book has meal preparation ideas and techniques for utilizing your Immediate Pot to its maximum weight-loss capacity. See the 3 most scrumptious dishes below– and purchase a copy for more dishes here.

1. Immediate Pot Thai Turkey Meatballs With Rice Noodles


A mix of ground turkey, whole-wheat breadcrumbs, Sriracha, garlic, and green onions make these meatballs KILLER.

Get the dish here.

2. Immediate Pot Chicken Pot Roast


Among the coolest hacks you can utilize your Immediate Pot for: including an entire chicken– no roasting essential! This dish is seasoned like your preferred beef pot roast however made much healthier with chicken

Get the dish here.

3. Immediate Pot Beef Chili


This chili might not come together any quicker, however it’ll taste like it’s been simmering for hours. Serve it over wild rice for a hearty supper you can in fact feel great about.

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