Grey squirrel is on the menu, as diners turn to the wild meat to help boost the reds

He stated that clients are significantly thinking about consuming cruelty-free wild meat and reducing their carbon footprint, that makes squirrel a popular option.

He informed The Sunday Telegraph: “Squirrel is among the most sustainable proteins you can prepare truly. It is nearly precisely the exact same in taste as bunny.

“It’s delicious, it’s not as gamey as bunny, it’s great breast meat. It’s excellent to prepare down gradually and make stews from and ragus for lasagne.

“It’s excellent for you, it’s rather lean.

“There are 5 million gray squirrels and just about 150,000 red squirrels at the minute, a record low. Since there aren’t truly any predators left for the gray squirrels the population is flourishing and they are taking control of the red squirrel environment.

“I believe sustainable consuming is ending up being more popular now. A growing number of individuals are more mindful of their carbon footprint and the destructive ingredients that get put in their food. I matured in South East London and had not become aware of wild food. Now wild food is all over.”

Kevin Tickle, who runs Michelin-starred dining establishment The Forest Side in Cumbria, utilizes the reality he remains in a red squirrel sanctuary to his benefit.

He has had a “animal fritter”, a grey squirrel croquette, on his well-known tasting menu given that the dining establishment opened in 2016.

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