Get paid $300 to eat avocados for new weight loss research

Do you enjoy avocados? You can earn money to consume them.

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Researchers from Loma Linda University are dealing with a research study to figure out if moderate intake of the pear-shaped fruit can assist with weight reduction.

” For the last 20 years, we have actually been doing dietary intervention research studies on plant-based foods and nuts. We are extensive in our choice of jobs,” Joan Sabate, among the scientists, stated in a news release. “The research study will analyze whether consuming one avocado daily decreases visceral adipose fat in the abdominal area.”

For this evaluation, they require a little assistance. They are paying 250 individuals to chew on avocados for a prolonged time period.

If you’re interested, here are the requirements:

1. You need to be 25 years of age or older

2. You need to want to either consume one avocado daily for 6 months or consume just 2 avocados monthly for the very same duration (control group)

3. You need to determine a minimum of 40 inches around the waist for males or determine a minimum of 35 inches around the waist for women

If you are chosen, you will be arbitrarily designated to one of 2 groups: group one should consume an avocado daily; group 2 should consume no greater than 2 monthly. You need to likewise get an MRI and health screening and go to regular monthly conferences with a dietitian.

After the research study is total, you get to pocket $300, and the control group will get 24 avocados to delight in.

Penn State University, Tufts University and the University of California, Los Angeles are likewise hiring 250 individuals each, however it is uncertain whether those topics will be paid.

To register, simply go to, and plug in your info.

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