Gain Strength, Build Muscle and Burn Fat with the ‘We Are Athletes’ Program

Get more powerful, get muscle and end up being leaner. The We Are Athletes Program offers you with practical strength and conditioning training, individualised nutrition strategies, comprehensive video tutorials and 24 hr assistance from our coaches. Time to act.


Complete physical fitness bundle: Differed nutrition strategies and reliable strength & & conditioning training, adjusted to your specific physical fitness level and your objectives.

Reach your objectives: From loosing weight, getting muscle mass or getting more powerful.

For all physical fitness levels: The program appropriates for newbies in addition to for innovative professional athletes.

Video tutorials: Over 150 comprehensive video tutorials for each of your workouts– consisting of scaled choices for newbies.

Your individual nutrition strategy: Your coach develops all strategies based upon your objectives and individual physique.

8 food choices: Complete access to 8 various nutrition choices like omnivore with & & without protein powder or fish, vegetarian, vegan and paleo strategies.

Assistance: Our coaches will encourage you and provide you 24/ 7 e-mail assistance.

Utilize your program all over: On your mobile phone, laptop computer, tablet and pdf for printing.

Train any place you desire: Train in your fitness center or outdoors/at house– with weights or bodyweight workouts.

Change your body


You can select in between 2 choices depending upon the manner in which you want to train and the centers that you have offered.

The fitness center program is developed particularly for the box/gym.

The Bodyweight program is best for training in the house or outdoors. Real to its name, it just consists of bodyweight workouts.

Establishing the right training volume on your own, based upon your individual physiology, genes, way of life and training history plays an essential function in strength and hypertrophy training. Typically it can be tough to operate in these aspects yourself, which is precisely why a customised program such as We are Athletes is so beneficial.

The following concepts require to be comprehended when it pertains to training volume:

MV = Upkeep Volume

Just how much volume you require to preserve your gains.

MEV = Minimum Effective Volume

The least quantity of volume needed to make gains.

MAV = Optimum Adaptive Volume

This is the series of volume in which you will make your finest gains. This will alter throughout various training mesocycles (see description listed below), as your body adapts and grows in action to the training stimulus.

MRV = Optimum Recoverable Volume

If you surpass this level then your body is just unable to grow and recuperate in action to the training. As a result you will restrain your own development.


Can I do the program despite the fact that I’m a newbie?

Yes, the exercise strategies will be adjusted to your specific physical fitness level. Considering your beginning physical fitness level, you will be presented to the more tough workouts action by action. For tough workouts there is constantly a much easier alternative workout. For that reason the We Are Athletes program fits everybody who is physically healthy.

Exist vegetarian and vegan nutrition strategies?

Yes. You will have access to nutrition prepare for vegetarians (pesco and ovo-lacto), vegans, omnivores (with and without fish or protein powder) and the paleo diet plan.

Do I need to purchase costly or unique food?

No. Our effective nutrition principle is based upon the mix of common and healthy food ideal for each spending plan.

Just how much time do I need to invest in training?

One training session takes about 45 to 60 minutes. Depending upon how frequently you wish to exercise, you will train 3 to 5 times a week.


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