Burger Genius Chris Kronner’s Tips for Making Your Best Burger

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Image: KronerBurger Facebook, Graphic: Sam Woolley

If anybody might begin a burger-centric cult, it would be Chef Chris Kronner of KronnerBurger. His fascination is our benefit, and he’s put years of experimentation and expert experience into A Hamburger to Think In— a genuine opus of burger-focused dishes and pointers.

Thanks For Visiting Hamburger Week! Barbecuing season remains in full speed, and we’re turning out over hamburgers. Whether it’s selecting the best patty, packing those patties with molten cheese, or making a vegetable offering that does not draw, we have actually got the pointers, dishes, and suggestions you have to develop your finest hamburger.

Hamburger lovers must certainly scoop up the book, however Chef Kronner was generous adequate to get on the phone and share some really delicious pointers on ways to make much better hamburgers in your home:

  • Grind your very own beef: For the very best hamburger possible, upgrade your meat, and prevent pre-ground, pre-packaged things. “With a lot of industrial-made hamburger, they include water to avoid weight decrease through wetness loss,” Kronner discussed. This indicates you’re spending for water, not meat. You can grind your very own– if you do not have a mill, Kronner’s book has a dish for a hand-cut patty, however it needs to be prepared in a pan– or you can ask a butcher to grind it for you. Request for “a meat with 20-30% fat, such as fatty chuck,” however you can likewise utilize aged rib eye, rib meat, brisket, or New york city steak. “Inquire to leave the fat cap on,” and to grind it with a medium-sized mill plate (often described as a 3/16 ths plate).
  • Usage more salt: “We season quite greatly, and we just season the outside of the patty with salt.” Utilize more than you believe you’ll require; a little teaspoon per patty is exactly what you have to form a marvelous salted crust.
  • Steam your buns: Kronner paints his buns with entire butter, and toasts them either on a frying pan or in a hot pan. “The recurring wetness will steam the buns.” If you’re dealing with less than fresh bread, include a splash of water to the pan or frying pan, cover the buns with a cloche, and let the steam soften and renew them for a texture that’s close to fresh baked.
  • Do not sleep on cheese mayo: The Kronnenburger is everything about enhancing each element of the hamburger– from buns to pickles– however my preferred information needs to be the white cheddar cheese mayo (which you can discover how to make here). If you do not have time to– or just do not wish to– make your very own mayo, you can emulsify cheese into store-bought mayo with a food mill. “Store-bought mayo is rack steady enough that you can include cheese without breaking it.”

Use these pointers, and you may be able to begin your very own hamburger cult, simply make certain hang a photo of Kronner in your substance; it is essential to offer credit where it’s due.

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