Blackie’s Chef Angie wins 2018 Restaurateur of the Year

10/ 3/2018

Restaurant will broaden to fill Cricket’s area next spring

SMITHFIELD– In providing the 2018 Restaurateur of the Year Award, the Rhode Island Hospitality Association acknowledged something the majority of people in Smithfield currently understand: Executive Chef Angie Armenise of Blackie’s Bull Canine Pub is a star.

Armenise and her partner, General Supervisor Jeanine Iannucci, have actually owned Blackie’s for the previous 7 years, producing a specific niche in the Rhode Island food market.

To Armenise, the award brings acknowledgment to her personnel and partner, who she stated strive to preserve a high level of food and service, in addition to Blackie’s visitors who continuously support the dining establishment.

” I have actually invested a great deal of time striving and attempting to lead, to bring individuals up that work by my side, and be a favorable good example. The award is for everybody, not for me,” she stated.

A Johnson and Wales University graduate initially from the Chicago location, Armenise stated she chose to remain in the Rhode Island cooking scene after graduation in 2002.

Armenise stated it was effort, drive and grit that got her and Blackie’s as far as it’s made it at 181 George Washington Highway, and she is delighted to reveal the dining establishment will be broadening to a brand-new area a half-mile up the roadway in the coming months.

Blackie’s will relocate to the previous Cricket’s, and the just recently closed Stillwater Pub, at 280 George Washington Highway, while remodeling the present area with a brand-new principle.

” It will still be the very same Blackie’s everybody understands and likes,” she stated. “We have not specified what we will be doing here yet, however we understand it will be great.”

The brand-new Blackie’s area need to be open by April of next year, according to Armenise.

She stated the routine menu, along with the gluten-free and paleo menus that set Blackie’s apart, will still be readily available at the brand-new area.

Just months after operating at Blackie’s, she and Iannucci were offered the chance to purchase business, and she stated they instantly got to work forming a healthy and delicious menu with choices for everybody. Rather of generating frozen or pre-made food, Blackie’s cook’s dishes from scratch, producing something “unforeseen,” she stated.

” We got this far by doing what is right, not what is simple. Typically you need to decide, and we made the difficult option,” she stated.

Changing to a paleo diet plan started as a modification in way of life for Armenise and Iannucci 4 years earlier, and sharing it in their dining establishment provided Blackie’s the edge it required, she stated.

” We felt so excellent and our visitors would see it, see the food we generated, and ask us to include it to the menu,” Armenise stated.

Gradually, products were contributed to the choice up until a complete, different paleo and gluten-free menu was formed. The action was amazing, stated Armenise, and she stated they’ll be including keto diet plan choices too.

” Then you can dine with your household and take a look at a menu and not feel limited to just a couple of products,” she stated.

Providing home cooking with a twist, “anticipate the unforeseen” when purchasing Blackie’s tacos, pizza, hamburgers, greens, sandwiches or suppers, states Armenise.

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