98 Degrees’ Jeff Timmons and Pro Wrestler ‘Mr Pec-Tacular’ Release a New Music Video

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Jeff Timmons has actually invested half of his life in tape-recording studios. Because the 1990 s, the 98 Degrees vocalist has actually worked together with lots of vocalists and songwriters.

However this is brand-new.

Timmons, 45, has actually worked together with Jessie “Mr. Pec-Tacular” Godderz, an expert wrestler who likewise completed on 2 seasons of Huge Sibling. The outcome: a pop tune about romantic competition called “The Woman Is with Me.”

And like every great pop tune, they produced a video that costars Morgan Willett, a Huge Sibling winner and TELEVISION host.

So how did this not likely collaboration happened?

” We fulfilled on LinkedIn,” Godderz, 32, informs INDIVIDUALS. “And we were going to deal with something together, however it didn’t exercise. However we ended up being buddies.”

” What Jessie is too kind to inform you is that I asked him to deal with something and he turned me down,” states Timmons with a laugh. “I asked him if he wished to deal with [Timmons’ male revue reality show] Guy of the Strip. And he resembled, ‘Never. It’s not a great try to find me.'”

” So I asked if he might sing and he resembled, ‘I’m not a vocalist,'” continues Timmons. “However I stated, ‘Hey, let’s offer it a shot.'” And it works. He’s huge, charming character on TELEVISION, and he’s got a great deal of character. We simply struck it off right away.”

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Godderz, who had actually never ever sung openly previously, was naturally reluctant to enter the studio. “Jeff assisted coach me through it,” he states. “He was great to deal with.”

” He was really worried to do this,” states Timmons. “However I have actually remained in the studio and you can develop a noise; there are methods to make individuals sound great. And as soon as he heard himself, he felt a lot more comfy and recognized that he sounded respectable. Then it actually ended up being enjoyable.”

” This began as a gimmicky thing,” continues Timmons. “However individuals actually like the tune. They’re responding actually favorably. That’s what makes it enjoyable. I’m so thrilled and delighted. It resembles a modern-day ‘ The Woman Is Mine.'”

Timmons has actually spoken with PEOPLE in the previous about his physical fitness program. (Let’s face it: if you’re going to host a TELEVISION program about a Chippendales-style guys’s evaluation, you need to strike the fitness center.)

So what was it like to deal with an ultra-buff man like Godderz, who is called “Mr. Pec-Tacular” for a factor?

” We exchanged ideas,” states Timmons. “I’m on the keto diet plan, and he’s backed by a carbohydrate business. I attempted that out and right away began pounding that things. I place on 10 pounds in muscle.”

We had various physical fitness strategies,” includes Godderz. “I had pizza and Jeff resembled, ‘I can’t consume this.'”

Now that the vocalist and the wrestler have actually worked together, they are open to dealing with each other once again. “Sure, I ‘d absolutely deal with Jessie once again,” states Timmons. “He’s positive and skilled, and we had a great deal of enjoyable together. It was a terrific experience.”

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